Tessera is a proposed international trade fair installation that showcases Italian ceramic tiles. The primary intention of the design scheme is to produce the following outcomes: (1) a memorable experience of Italian ceramic products within an environment that is atmospherically rich and spatially immersive, (2) the maximization of surface area suitable for the display of ceramic products, while maintaining spatial openness required by the program, (3) highlighting the diversity and variety of Italian ceramic products that are on display through an installation that is architecturally cohesive and aesthetically elegant.

The project takes the concept of tiling – tessellation - and extends the logic of puzzle-like tile assemblies to the scale of architectural space. The resulting scheme produces a rich environment where the juxtapositions of material, color, and texture dynamically unfold as one moves through the space. It is the kind of space that one never tires of seeing or photographing, as with each step one discovers a new unexpected view that is worth capturing. The design addresses the client's need to reuse the installation multiple times by combining a conventional lightweight framing system that can be erected quickly with preassembled customized paneling sized for easy installation and storage.

Project assistant: Taylor McNally-Anderson