Studio Front

Designed for an artist studio on a busy street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the new studio façade maximizes natural light and view from within, while creating enough visual “noise” on the outside to keep the curious passers-by from looking through. Originally, the given depth of the facade was 4 inches - the depth of the standard aluminum storefront system - but by integrating existing structural columns and new lighting into the scheme, this dimension was thickened to almost 2 feet. This allowed us to experiment with material behavior of the aluminum mesh as we started to strategically pleat it and work with it three-dimensionally. The restrained palate of anodized aluminum products (cladding, framing, solid-core doors, coil mesh and tension rods) provides a level of luminosity that is in contrast to the surrounding construction. As a series of spatial and material layers, the project engages with the hierarchies that conventionally order the building wall section as one moves from the outside in, and constructing the outermost layer - the screen - as one that, while resilient to the roughness of the street, is perceived as a kind of soft interior filter.