Serriform was commissioned for the 2016 SWSW Eco conference. The project is a family of eight stage backdrops featuring digitally fabricated columns and robotically spray-painted surfaces. The installation explores the effects of serial variation in architecture and as such focuses on novel relationships between repetition and difference enabled by new technologies. Named for the serrated edges that define the silhouette of each column, the project is also inspired by an iconic furniture piece – Ettore Sottsass’s Adesso Peró bookcase – the form of which was interpreted through the lens of digital design. With adaptability in mind, Serriform was designed to also function as a self-supporting shelving and partition system in the future.

During the conference, the project served as a backdrop for numerous speakers, including Bill Nye, William McDonough, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kate Brandt, Tom Colichio, and Sarah Richardson.

The project was produced in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture's Assistant Professor Nerea Feliz, Research Associate Benjamin Rice, with assistance from a group of graduate and undergraduate students.

Designers: Igor Siddiqui and Nerea Feliz
Research Associate (Robotics): Benjamin Rice
Student Assistants (Design): Cory Olsen, Joel Sterling
Videography: Jody Broccoli-Hickey
Student Assistants (Production): Raymond Castro, Janet Chen, Jonathan Huang, Erik Olivarez, Nestor Ramos, Davis Richardson, Philip Richardson
Student Assistants (Installation): Daniel Aronson, Delaney Bannister, Autusa Behroozi, Georgina Cantu, Alicia Chen, Lauren Drew, Kabir Karnani, Kristen Willson