The proposed project – a relational map and an audio podcast – samples a range of moments found in the Bronx and composites them into a continuous, performative experience along the Grand Concourse, from 138th Street to the Bronx Museum. Local conditions are reconsidered in relation to the museum experience. The Bronx offers a diversity of culture and ecology which becomes an opportunistic enterprise for multiple episodes of rich activity. In response to the Bronx as a whole, the project offers a hybrid mix of sounds, re-enactments and exposure of existing props. The Bronx Museum serves as an organizer of information and the Grand Concourse as its extension and event trajectory. This becomes a sample of the larger system of performances, which through project phasing would expand and reorganize according to everchanging local interactions as well as inserted artist-based interventions.

reSAMPLED was produced as a part of the Intersections: Grand Concourse Beyond 100 competition, in collaboration with Monica Tiulescu.