Mas Moss

Mas Moss is a living curtain, dynamic in performance and evolving in verdant organization. It offers an architectural solution for the introduction of plant material into an interior environment by bringing together a population of exposed-root tillandsia recurvata (commonly known as ballmoss) and a biodegradable, net-like soft structure. The net’s differentiated geometric pattern formalizes the natural pattern of the epiphytic plants’ propagation over time, producing a biofiltration system that also shapes the quality of light and views within. The epiphytic bromeliads stimulate haptic biofiltration while reducing and eliminating VOCs and toxins commonly found in indoor air.

The installation is to be fabricated from soy-dyed biodegradable cable and lasercut connectors finished with milk paint. Heavy-duty magnets connected to the underside of the existing steel structure replace the conventional curtain track, while stainless steel beads at the bottom edge of the net ensure proper draping.

The project was produced in collaboration with Tamie Glass and Kendra Ordia and was a shortlisted entry for the Center for American Architecture and Design at The University of Texas at Austin’s international competition Curtains.