Field Constructs

The exhibition comprehensively documents Field Constructs Design Competition and includes a selection of 30 projects submitted as a result of the international call for proposals. Each project is represented by a single image and printed on a disk; the geometry and size of each disk depends on the project's placement in the competition (the 4 winners are largest, followed by jury selections etc.) as well as its location within the field that organizes the whole group. Developed parametrically, each disk is essentially an oblique section cut through a virtual cylinder projected perpendicularly to the floor and is a part of a larger implied topography. As a result, each disk is unique and custom-cut using CNC machinery. Raw steel stands - fabricated in-house - have identical waterjet-cut base plates, but vary in height and angle. Visitors can move around and through the installation, viewing each project from a different perspective. From a distance the field of projects is perceived as an object placed at the center of the gallery, shaped to reference the competition's site, Circle Acres in Austin, Texas.

In addition to designing and fabricating the free-standing installation in its entirety, we also produced all wall graphics, project labels, video projections, and site signage by interpreting the identity concept developed by Pentagram. The exhibition was on view at The University of Texas at Austin's Mebane Gallery from 13 November to 23 November 2015.

Curators: Rachel Adams, Catherine Gavin, Igor Siddiqui

Graphic identity: Pentagram

Exhibition design: Igor Siddiqui

Exhibition design team: Bruce Jordan Guard, Philip Richardson, Ben Wilde

Gallery installation team: Amy McDonnold, Eliah Cappi, Connie Chang, Jessica Sadasivan, Heather Sutherland